by Ira Furstenberg

The passion for objects Taking antique elements, mostly sought in antique shops and during faraway trips, Ira von Fürstenberg, like a sculptor, lets her imagination loose. She often diverts these objects from their initial purpose to transform them into works of art. This is how after incrustation of turquoises and pearl arabesques, the simples objects can become a unique and numbered object.
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She works with quartz, rock crystal, porphyry, mixes malachite and silver gilt, gold and jade, coral and ebony, mother of pearl and bronze… In her collections more that 1000 objects to date, renewed every year: paper-cutters, card-holders, paper-weights, ashtrays, picture frame, matching magnifying glasses and a special collection of superb table centerpieces. Ira von Furstenberg… the nomad, a citizen of the world and yet from nowhere Her only port call is action. Her only motivation: exception. She loves what is unique…and travels the world: India, Turkey, China and Mexico… in search of the object… Between two airplanes, she scribbles ideas and decides on the materials to use, such as rare woods or silver gilt. She them pays meticulous attention to ensure that her objects are beautiful to touch, beautiful to watch, and sit on a table… Numerous personalities throughout the world collect her objects, including Annie and Kirk Douglas, or even Alec Wildenstein who owns a whole animal series, or famous painter Fernando Botero. Her creations are at the image: beauty, refinement and exception.