Ira Fürstenberg is a unique as her objects! She was born in Rome. Her mother Clara, Italian by birth , is the daughter of Virgina Princess San Faustino and of Eduardo Agnelli, son of the founder of Fiat. Her father, Princes Tassilo von Fürstenberg is the son of an Austrian countess Maria Festetics and of the famous diplomat Charles-Emile von Fürstenberg, a Princes of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. At the age of fifteen, very young and already a rebel, Ira married Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe. Their very romantic wedding in Venice was the most lavish social event of its time. Ira and Alfonso have two children, Christopher and Hubertus, who are both artist like their mother. The birth of her two sons gives Ira the illusion of perfect serenity. But in 1960 her marriage collapses. A year later, Ira meets and falls madly in love with a Brazilian entrepreneur: “Baby” Pignatari. They marry in 1961 and live between Europe and the Americas! Her new happiness is short- live. She then restlessly travels the world chasing after lost dreams. She first settles in Paris, then Rome, where she begins an acting career in Cinecittá. She meets the legendary producer Dino Laurentis and soon starts working with the greates: Alberto Lattuada and Mauro Bolognini. In her aiutobiography “Princess and Rebel” Ira describes her life as tumultuous and full of experiences. She possesses courage and determination, but more importantly an unquenchable interest in people, faraway lands and of course, objects. She speaks seven languages and has live in six different capitals. Her only fear: living a narrow-minded and conventional life. Her only wish, as that of her father, is to find in everyone human qualities and noble heart! Today, Ira the citizen of the world has completely integrated the “gipsy” side of her Magyar origins, and lives between Paris in and Rome!
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